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Thread: Queen Charlotte Kayaking

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    Default Queen Charlotte Kayaking

    Yo, I'm travelling to BC soon and possibly going to Alaska.
    I've been recommended a kayaking company in BC called Ocean Sound Kayaking owned by a friend of a friend. It's meant to be a real good one in that area.

    As in Alaska, I was thinking driving up to Terrace then crossing the border to see where it takes me! What are your recommendations for European like me travelling all the way there in terms of Kayaking? I got a pretty good level as I've done it in Quebec, France, Switzerland and the UK.


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    Default Looking for tips Kayaking Hotspring to Ninstints

    I plan to kayak independently (without a guide) the Queen Charlott Is BC from Hotspring Is to Ninstints next july and I'm looking for tips on the camping sites, meteo, navigation hasards, etc. Anybody ready to share a log book on that area would be a great help. I could provide in exchange information on kayaking Georgian Bay, Mingan Islands and a few other interesting places.

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