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Thread: high skew vs. normal impeller- differences?

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    Default high skew vs. normal impeller- differences?

    What's the difference in top end speed and hole shot with both impellers on the 200 optimax?. I'm wondering if there really is a big difference after all. also, If I do change impellers myself, how big of a project is it? do i need any extra parts, even if I just want to sharpen my leading edge on my existing impeller? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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    Here's a great technical article with step by step instructions on how to get to your impeller. I used it to install my high skew.

    The difference between the high skew and the stock impeller was huuuuge. Especially when hauling large loads. When light it jumps out of the hole much quicker. To me it was well worth the money.

    I'm not sure on top speed as I didn't measure mine with a GPS before the switch, but I've heard you lose a couple MPH's which to me was no big deal.


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    Default There is no comparison on the holeshot end of spectrum..

    There is no comparison on the holeshot end of spectrum.. and minimal loss of top end speed. (From my experience) I don't have a complete example on the 200's, but with the 250 we were only barely able to step with 5 adults in the boat with the stock impellor, we installed the hi-skew and step with 7 and full gas with no problem. Lost maybe 3 or 4 mph on top end. We still run standard impellors on our twin boats, but high skews on all the singles. It's not that difficult to remove, but you need a big socket (mercury makes a special wrench for it if you want to go that way) If John's paying attention maybe he'll chime in with the socket size for you? Otherwise, I'll check and post it for you tomorrow.

    No extra parts needed....


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