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    Default steering cables

    My steering cables need to be replaced for my Westcoater. I'm wondering, where to start and finish measuring them to get the correct length? Also, if I'm a foot off (too long), will that matter?


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    It's best to measure your existing cable to get the correct length, also much better to be 1' too long than too short. So long as you have some room for the slack, and extra foot can be dealt with fairly easily.

    The standard measurements assume that the cable attaches to the center of the engine, on some engines the cable runs through the pivot tube and attaches on the far side of the engine, so the cable will need to be about a foot longer than the std measurements say you need.

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    I was just checking. My last set of steering cables had the length written on the cable itself, but not the new (broken) ones. I need to tear mine out and get them measured. The steering is mounted to a Yamaha F60.

    thanks Paul

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    Exclamation steering cable

    I replaced my steering last year I ended up buying vovlo parts but the teleflex is more common.
    Teleflex says to measure from the center of stearing wheel to the side of the boat. (A)
    Then measure from the steering wheel to the stern. (B)
    Then measure from the side of the boat to where the nut on the cable attaches to bracket on the outboard. (C)

    Add A + B+ C = total length. This worked for me.


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