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Thread: Upper Chena June 8th

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    Default Upper Chena June 8th

    Here's my latest from the Upper Chena.
    Floated from 44 mile to about 38 mile (between the bridges). Took us all day. Got into the water around 8:30am. After a few minor adjustments to the raft, we were on our way.
    Fishing wasn't very good. (For us anyway.) Morning was overcast with a little rain. Tried nymphs and streamers with no fish.
    Sun broke through the clouds and fish began taking dries. There were three of us and we all tried different patterns. (Parachute Adams, Stimulator, and Caddis) All of us had fish rising and taking our bugs. Fishing was hit and miss in spots, but a fun day all together.

    Here's the new rig on the water. Thanks to Jim for the boat and Moose for your advise and help setting me up. Still need to make a few tweaks, but overall I'm happy with the way she performed.

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    Default No Worries

    I hope it brings you years of good use. Keep on trucken brother! It;s hard to believe almost 2 inches of rain in the hills and the Chena still is not coming up to traditional levels.

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    Default chena

    Just got back from there. Fishing was really good. water was low, and very clear. rained a few times.

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    Glad someone was catching fish! We got into a few spot with lots of activity, but just a few fish here and there.
    The third man in the raft was just learning how to fly fish. Great kid. (If you consider 21 a kid?) He got the casting down in no time, but had some issues with the hook ups. He didn't have waders, so we were limited to where we could fish. I was trying to keep him as dry as possible while still getting him into fish.
    We mostly enjoyed the float.
    Water was really low. We had to drag the boat through lots of shallow areas.

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    Me and my 2 sons attended the weekend long MSFC fly fishing camp at Twin Bears camp in Fairbanks and couldn't resist dropping the boat in at Chena Lakes after adjournment and running up the river. Found a good spot to try our new found skills...

    Drifting the flies wasn't working...slow strip wasn't working...went to a quick rapid strip and the darn things were nearly getting airborne hitting the fly! Pretty much anything bead headed worked best. Record was 9 casts in a row with a fish.

    First time after living here 35 years that I've finally learned how to fly fish and caught a grayling on a fly rod...I'm hooked (pun intended).

    As for anyone near Fairbanks that has a youngster wanting to get into the sport, the Midnight Sun Fly Caster's did a fantastic job with this camp. I would highly recommend it!!!


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