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Thread: Deshka questions

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    I am planning a trip for Thursday-Friday 12-13 June will the numbers be better by then? Is it a 1 fish limit this year?When is the peak expected I though last year it was around that time!Also is it open during the weak?Coming from Fairbanks hoping to make the trip worth wild any help would be appreciated.

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    All the regulations are found on page 24 and 25:

    Fishing on the Deshka River is open 7 days a week between 6:00am and 11:00 pm. The king salmon daily limit is one per day and the possession limit is two. That means you can only take one king salmon per day, but you may have two in your possession. After taking a king salmon on the Deshka River, a person may not fish for king salmon on that same day. So you need to put your rod up.

    Run timing info:

    Here is some general salmon fishing information in the Northern Cook Inlet area:


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