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Thread: Warning sound won't shut off

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    Default Warning sound won't shut off

    I have a 1989 90 hp Evinrude Jet...motor starts up runs great but the warning sound won't shut off... I have taken out the thermostats and tested them in hot water.. start to open at 150 and fully opened at 200,
    the motor pees out the side when running.... I checked the water pump all looks good... the warning sound did turn off once when I opened up the throttle but since then it hasn't..
    Any advice ... I am a novice at this...

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    Default same

    I had the same problem last fall with my boat and same motor it sounds like. I ended up disconnecting the bloody alarm after it would not shut off on the river. Made me parinoid the rest of the trip. Got back and took it in and there was nothing wrong with the motor. Just a short or something on the alarm do-a=magigy. Not saying this is what is up with yours mind you.

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    If its oil injected,your oil tank might be too low.

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    Default Sensors

    Not sure about that particular engine, but on my '91 Evinrude the horn will get triggered by the following:
    • No oil at VRO pump (check sight tube at pump - a failing fuel pump can also cause VRO sensor to go off)
    • Low oil level in oil tank
    • High vacuum in fuel line (check for fuel flow restriction such as clogged line or filter, kinked line, failing fuel tank selector valve, primer bulb ball getting stuck)
    • High water temperature
    The problem can be isolated fairly quickly by unplugging the sensor for each of the above - if the horn stops, that's where further investion is needed. However, make sure your getting oil before unplugging sensors related to oiling. Also note that starving a 2-stroke of fuel (high fuel line vacuum) is almost as bad as inadequate oiling.

    If it turns out to be VRO failure, better do some resarch and decide for yourself if you want to fix it or just pre-mix your fuel 50:1.

    Good luck.

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    Default My Guess - The horn is bad

    I have a 94' Johnson 50 hp that I converted to a tiller handle. It has failed 2 alarm horns. The frist time it acted up I checked everything that was on the alarm circuit and they checked out good. I happened to have an extra alarm from my throttle box so I plugged it in and it worked fine. Two years ago it started acting up again so I took the horn off. I think the horn gets worn out from use & vibration. When mine failed they would chirp quieter or crackle. Sometimes they also wouldn't shut off after I first started the motor.

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    Default Me too........

    In 2001 my new Yamaha 115 4 stroke did the same thing. Dewey's replaced a wiring harness, the motor was fine. Just a short in the wiring. Still, it gives one the creeps when it happens as it could be mtor problems.

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    Default Warning sound

    thanks for the responses...

    also when the engine is idling the motor sprays or spits water out of the 2 exits above the jet.. after running and bringing it to plane for a short period then bringing it back to idling it is still spraying but the water and air coming out is not hot to the touch.. could the sysem be semi plugged ot something.... if that is the case can I take the housing off where the thermostats are located in run water through it?


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