Although the weather forcast was not great this weekend, and friend and I hiked the Crow Pass trail from the Girdwood side to the Eagle River Nature Center this weekend. The pass was socked in by clouds, it was snowing when we got up there and the beautiful views that I had seen in pictures were all covered by clouds, but the hike was still well worth the effort. We carried snow shoes but did not use them because the snow was packed for the most part. It was still soft in a lot of places and we did a fair amount of "post-holeing" but it was safer and more time efficient to just keep them strapped to our packs. The trail down Raven Gorge to the fording area on Eagle River was in pretty good shape. There was no vegetation covering the trail but there were plenty of snow covered sections. Eagle River was shin deep at best when we forded it. The trail from the fording area to ERNC was easy and in good shape as far as not being obscured by vegetation. We saw a porcupine and a couple of goats sitting up on a bluff, but did not see any bears despite all of the bear scat on the trail.