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Thread: Fly fishing and touring in July/August

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    Default Fly fishing and touring in July/August

    Got a really good response a few months ago on the Handguns site. I'm now getting ready to fly to Fairbanks on July 17 for 3 weeks of fly fishing and sightseeing. No schedule yet, although I want to fish all the way up the Dalton Hwy and do the Klondike loop.

    Any good fishing or sightseeing things I shouldn't miss?? I've wanted to do this since I was a Second Lt in the Air Force in 1967. Would like the best for the buck that my old (65) frame can get!! Actually it's not in that bad shape.

    Anything I'm missing that would make the experience better? I've put together a good survival and first aid kit. Will be going to travel in a 4X4 Dodge truck with a camper from GoNorth in Fairbanks. I'm going on my own to hopefully get the most fishing/sightseeing without having a guide/outfitter. No offense but I'd rather spend more time than money. My wife is already adding up the costs!

    Thank's in advance for any suggestions!
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    Default thoughts...

    There are several books on the forum store (under fishing) that will help you. "Fishing Alaska's Road System" (or similar name) is one. The other is listed below. I would check out the Chena River east of Fairbanks. There was a thread here recently on it. Good grayling fishing I hear. Also, Chena Hot Springs and Manley Hot Springs would be worth checking out. Not for fishing, just sight seeing. We spent a week at Chena Hot Springs in Nov 2004. Neat place. You would be riding by the Chena River on the way to it so two birds with one stone if you will.

    There is a book that you NEED. It has over a 100 maps and tells you exactly how to get to certain fishing spots. Great resource. One of the best books about Alaska fishing I have bought. It is sold on the forum store. Also, Barnes and Noble and Amazon online. It breaks the state into sections and tells you all you need to know. And best of all, exactly how to get there. A must have in my opinion. Titled "Flyfisher Guide to Alaska" by Scott Haugen. Below is a link.

    I am sure you will have a great trip. Buy Ben's 100% deet. Small orange spray bottle. Best bug dope you can buy. Spent two years in Nome and Kotzebue. Ben's is the ticket.
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    Default Get the MilePost

    The Milepost is a great book that will have a ton of maps and advice. It is updated every year with journal entries from people who have driven the roads you are going to. I did that drive myself in the summer of '05 with my dog, a couple spare tires, and extra gas. The fishing is pretty good south of the Brooks; I got into some Grayling and a few Dollies, Chum and Kings. I did not fish a whole lot when I was up that way, but just camp near the bridges and give it a shot. The Mountains are amazing, but I have never seen anything like the full moon rising on the North Slope.


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