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Thread: 2 Stroke Rule on Kenai?

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    Default 2 Stroke Rule on Kenai?

    What is the status of older 2 stoke rule on the Kenai? And are Kenai Lake & Skilak affected? It was purpsed for 2008 then I thought it was suspended?

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    Default as far as I know!!

    Two strokes on entire river system. Both lake's are included.

    From the river up to kenai lake during july.
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    The two stroke restriction does apply to Kenai and Skilak lakes. If your motor is larger than a 35hp, then it must be four stroke or two stoke DFI all year long. If your motor is 35 hp or less, then it must be four stroke or two stoke DFI only during the month of July.

    You can view a summary of the Kenai River State Park boating regulations on page 6 of the Southcentral Regulation Summary booklet:

    Here is a DNR fact sheet on New Motor & Boat Regulations Kenai River Special Management Area:

    Personal use fishery regulations for the Kenai River are found on page 18:

    Here is a F&G news release on the Kenai River personal use fishery outboard motor restriction:


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