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Thread: How's the Haul...?

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    Question How's the Haul...?

    Anyone know how they've been doin' up on the Haul? Caribou still up by deadhorse? I'll be headin' out 15 Sept. and was wonderin' if anyone has an idea of where they'll be around that time? How much snow will I be lookin' at?



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    Default Dalton caribou

    There were good numbers of caribou at Galbraith Lake last Saturday. My buddy and I took a couple of bulls. We didn't see many as we left on Sunday.

    On the trip home we saw an incredible sight. A brown bear ran along the highway for quite some distance, paralleling our truck. He spotted a cow moose off to his right and took off for her. It was a great chase but the moose eventually made a getaway and the bear dropped out of sight.
    It was some fine entertainment on a long drive.


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