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Thread: Clamming question.

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    Default Clamming question.

    Do you do anything to prepare clams before cooking them, like letting them sit in fresh clean water? The reason I ask is that we pulled up some clams a month or two back from the beach off our back porch and they had a discusting smell. It smelled like the sand I got them out of. Kind of like decay. I am correct in guessing that it in not like this at other spots correct? Any suggestions on where to find some better picks in Juneau?

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    We've put them in salt water with cornmeal and they cycle the sand out.

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    As long as you use fresh clean SALT water and the temperatures are cool you shouldn't have problems. Were the clams still alive when you pulled them from the Bucket? The "smell" leads me to believe you had some morts in there. Try digging in more gravely spots, I don't know were you got the clams but the ones in MUCK can have a bad smell, I personally avoid such mucky spots.

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    They were definately alive and looked to be in good shape. It was on the beach on the other side of Tee Harbor(facing the channel). I guess I'll just have to try another spot.

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    Default Fresh Water

    Use cornmeal or black pepper if your worried about the sand!
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    Quote Originally Posted by motorboatn View Post
    Use cornmeal or black pepper if your worried about the sand!
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    We put them in a smallish cooler with saltwater covering them (as recommended to me by another pilot) and by the time we flew back to anchorage they were pretty well free of sand. Even with no sand, the cleaning was a major undertaking. Our trip:


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