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Thread: Yeehaw......another gun!

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    Smile Yeehaw......another gun!

    I walked into the local gun shop to check on a Mod. 70 .375 I am having some work done on. He hands me a Pre-64 Mod. 70 Featherweight 30-06 that has a good looking bore and is in very good condition. I had to have it so I empty my wallet, after all I have grandchildren! I put an old 2.5 X 8 Leupold in Warne mounts and rings on it. As I hold it I know it's slender and graceful barrel probably will not shoot as tiny a groups as some of the modern synthetic/stainless rifles I and others have. But it will shoot plenty good enough for any hunting and shot I require of it. It will also hold 6 of those big 220 grain Nosler Partitions or those 168 grain Tripple shocks. That will cover a whole bunch of hunting situations. It is also made to last, no plastic or stamped parts, is well balanced and makes me want to go to the loading bench and range. I hope one of my grandchildren appreciates it some day.

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    Congratulations! I have 2 mod. 70 pre 64's. One chambered in .270 and one in .243. Both were handed down from my father. Reguardless of anything that's out now or in the future, there's no beating the pre 64 model 70, this gun set the standard. My son will someday own these rifles and so the great tradition will continue.

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    "probably will not shoot as tiny a groups as some of the modern synthetic/stainless rifles I and others have"

    I wouldnt doubt the accuracy yet. I picked up a M70 30-06 a couple years ago that was battered. Threw a leupie 2-7 on it, and went to the range. One hole groups with the first load I tried (H4350 and 180 Interlock). It now wears a M-8 4X in warne QD rings, and still shoots that same load into little 1 1/2 groups at 200 yds. Not bad for a rifle made in 1950. I wish my modern s/s rifles shot like this.

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    I'm with TomM, don't count it out for accuracy just yet!

    I too found a great looking (inside and out) pre-64 -06 fwt a couple of years ago. It is now my favorite rifle, and for good reason. All that old nostalgia, light and great handling, and it shoots good too!

    I also put a Leupold 2.5-8 on mine, and I have found several handloads that will consistently group three shots from the bench into an inch or less at 100 yds. I would have to check my range book, but I think I even had some old factory Weatherby -06 ammo go under an inch also.


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