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    I have been to Alaska many times to hunt caribou. I am now in the planning phases to do a flaot hunt for caribou and moose (10 - 14 days). I have many questions - let's start with 2: 1. any suggestions for rivers to float; 2. suguested air services for this type of hunt.


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    Harry - If you're serious about putting together a float hunt, you really should order are read Michael Strahan's book called "Float Hunting Alaska's Wild Rivers". He gives painstaking detail about 50 rivers, the game you can expect to find, river hazards, float time, etc. etc. etc. It really is an invaluable resource for someone planning such a trip.

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    I agree with Brian I ordered Mikes book and am currently reading it and it is very good very informative I am not done with it yet but I highly recomend it!!


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    Larry Bartlett has a good book as well. As does Karen Jettmar, although her's is more about Alaska floating rather than hunting.

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    Alaska is BIG. Your hunt will vary depending on what you are looking for if you want primarily moose w/ a shot at a caribou it will be different from 'bou/moose. Trophy considerations vs. shooting assuredness will also have to be considered, as well as weather or not you want to have a total wilderness experience (whatever that means) is another factor. Some rivers with more game will have more people due to the higher abundance of game. Whatever you want is available and you have chosen a good place to start narrowing down your choices. Good luck to you.


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