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Thread: Savage 375 H&H Alaska Guide Rifle

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    Default Savage 375 H&H Alaska Guide Rifle

    Has anyone on this site had the chance to shoot one of these yet? I picked one up at the store to look at and I couldn't believe how light it was. I think they have a winner of an idea but I'm not sure of the quality. Any hands on experience with these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    If you think the Savage is light, you should pick up one of the Remington 700 XCR's in 375 H&H, they are under 7 lbs. Those things must kick like a mule!

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    Default XCR Weight

    XCR 375H&H 7 5/8 lbs per Remingtion web site.
    The recoil isn't that bad.

    Dr B

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    Default 375's

    I have to say that the Remington feels alot heavier than the Savage. You have to take the shorter barrel into account of course. I would like to know how the Savage shoots as far as accuracy and the recoil. Savage rifles have always been no frills good shooters as far as I know. I haven't owned any of them but the people at the range have been happy with them.

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    We weighed one at the Wiggy's store and his scale is accurate, without bases, rings or scope it weighed in under 7 lbs. I knew this thing was light but I had no idea it was that light.


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