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Thread: Pow Deer Hunt

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    Default Pow Deer Hunt

    Looking For Some Helpful Ideas I Am Putting Together A Pow Deer Hunt & Maybe Black Bear , Best Areas? Which Part Of Island. Best Time Of Year? Forest Service Cabin?

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    Default Good question!

    There is sort of an order of operations for doing a POW hunt. I've planned one myself last fall and I'm doing one again this year. I live in SE AK but last year I came up from WA state.

    The first and most important question is access. How do you plan to access the island?

    Three options: Private boat charter, Air charter, Ferry travel with vehicle

    Once that question is answered you can answer the next question. How much do you want to spend?

    POW is a large island and you can spend hundreds of dollars on fuel driving or hundreds on any of the other two options. What are your expectations? Do you want some fishing with your hunting? Do you like to hike? Do you like cabins? Sounds like your gravitating to you will need to check access for those cabins. Many are only accessable via boat and plane.

    Really, almost the entire island has good hunting for those willing to work for it.

    Last year I did a drop hunt in a remote wilderness area on the island. Nobody had given me a "hint". I just looked at the map, said that looks like good habitat and went hunting. Lo and behold there were animals in them there woods. Not that on-the-ground info isn't valuable, it's just not the most important factor.

    This year I picked a cabin with a good lake, stream and mountain system in close proximity. I've no first had reports from the location but I know there are animals in there. Its time to go "Hunting"!

    My point.....the hunting should come naturally after the logistics of transport and access are worked out anywhere on POW.

    Its a wonderful location with good wild game populations. Heck....people kill great bucks right out of Hollis just a short trip away from where the ferry goes. I guarantee they get back in the woods and work hard to get em though.

    Best wishes and share your success photos.

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    you can always go guided !!!! actually for not much more !!!!

    He he !!!!

    I talk Sitka !!!!!

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    Smile Pow Deer/Bear Combo

    I hunted with Johnny on POW in 2000 on a fall bear and deer combination hunt. It was one of the best hunts anyone could ask for! I would recommend him in a second. Actually I would like to do it again.



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