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Thread: Fish-Rite boats?

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    Default Fish-Rite boats?

    Does anyone have experience or advice on Fishrite boats? I have been thinking about getting a salt water boat and was thinking about a 22 to 24' North River Sea Hawk or comparable boat from Wooldridge, Hewescraft, etc. I saw a nice looking 24' hard top Fishrite Performer today and it looked like a real nice boat. This is the first time I have ever looked at one and there isn't much information about their boats on the web. If someone has some experience with this boat I would appreciate hearing it. Also, if it is possible to compare it with a North River or similar boat that would be great. I'm looking for a medium sized ocean boat mainly for fishing.


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    Default Well built

    Although I don't own one I was favorably impressed by them at the boat show. Probably my next boat...

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    Default North River Seahawk!

    I currently have a 2005 22ft. NR Seahawk and love it, but would like a little larger like 24-25ft.
    I looked at the 24ft Fish-Rite boat offered by Marita at this years boat show.........actually a very nice boat and Fish-Rite was very helpful and willing to make small individual changes for the buyer.
    I was unable to reach a deal for trade-in value (small hole to a larger hole) or I would be sporting the Fish-Rite!
    Both are very nice boats IMHO. I'm sticking with my NR for now but was impressed with the Fish-Rite product and Marita has always been helpful (not perfect mind you), but willing to make things right!

    PM me if you have additional questions.


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    Thanks for the replies so far. I was comparing the specs on this boat with other comparable boats. It seems like it has a 98" beam compared to a 102" beam and the bottom width is also 4" to 6" narrower than the competition. How noticeable will this be in rough water? How about at anchor?


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    when i was looking 2 years ago, fishrite boats did not have what i was looking for so i went with a 22 searunner. the boat rides well on the water, and i feel safe going and back. i looked a a few used fishrite boats in washington but was able to buy a brand new boat for the price of a used with the shipping. now we finally have a supplier up here and i have my boat. now it would be whoever had the better deal. fishrite boats are made well and will get the job done, to bad they were not around when i made my purchase. i think they would do you fine.jeff


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