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    Can I replace a 7mm-08 barrel with a 300wsm barrel on a remington action?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgrjeep View Post
    Can I replace a 7mm-08 barrel with a 300wsm barrel on a remington action?
    Yes it would be possible for a good gunsmith to accomplish this task. It would however be far easier to do the conversion on a firearm set up for a larger caliber. The bolt face would have to be opened to the Win. caliber, the feed rails might have to be modified, and the magazine follower might have to be changed out, as well as a barrel replacement.
    Probably the best and cheapest route would be sell the REM. and buy a Browning or your desired caliber. IT really ain't JUST a simple barrel swap.
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    IMO the short ans is "no". You could buy a new rifle for the price of the gunsmithing work and it would potentially work better. J.

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    They're right. You have a caliber mismatch and it would be equal to or slightly more expensive to to swap that mismatch in calibers than buying a new gun... 4 Ideas to concider:
    1: as above, swap guns all together
    2: Keep it. Nothing wrong with the 7-08.
    4: change your choice to a .308. same caliber as 300 wsm, same case as 7-08. easy (= cheaper) barrel swap
    4: go for it! sure, it cost you a little more, but then your starting on a custom gun...YOUR custom gun. pick a good barrel. get a new bolt face. Get a good trigger. bed your stock (or replace it too)
    Before attempting the 4th option, think about it long and hard! once you get started with this rifle, it will make you do some homework. The more you learn, the more you will learn you need to learn, and its addicting $$$ !


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