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    Has anyone been fishing Cheney Lake for pike lately? I was thinking that with the high price of gas, it would only take a cup of so to get over there and try something a little different... Pike. What can you tell me? Any good reports from any other local lake I can take the grand kids to?

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    i haven't fished cheney for alot of years. last fish i caught out of there was a 12" gold fish, never hooked any pike out of that lake. for pike i would suggest sand lake or fire lake. jewel lake is ok with grandkids, also little campbell lake is good for young kids, big grassy area for them to run in,if they loose interest in fishing. yhere are some large char in the lake and alot of 10" fish availabe. good luck fishing and post some pictures. jeff

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    Cheney Lake is sullied with waterfowl feces.Not to user friendly.

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    I did a survey dive of Cheney lake last year. Fish pop is very minimal, any pike in it have eaten it out of existance. Only saw 1 minnow in 5 dives. Didnt even see pike. The bottom is covered in a type of clam though. They are all voer the bottom and about the size of a hamburger bun.

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    I believe ADFG is considering using rotenone to eliminate the pike in Cheney Lake and then they can resume stocking the lake with trout. I don't know if they've done it yet, or when they're planning to do it.

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    The lakes in Anchorage I take the kids to are DeLong and Little Campbell lakes.

    Both are stocked by F&G and the fishing is fair to fantastic depending on a number of factors such as weather, water temp, etc.. If you have a small raft or canoe you will do better. I have seen a couple 20 inch Char taken from Campbell lake earlier this year. Most trout are in the 8-10 inch range. Not the Alaska monsters some look for, but the kids have a blast and we get a nice dinner out of the deal. Not to mention the gas savings.

    Nightcrawlers or flies seem to work best or us. Have had poor luck with eggs on the lakes. I do see a number of guys out in float tubes fishing these lakes as well. They are not just for kids.

    Also, be sure and stop by Tastee-Freeze when you are done.


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