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Thread: volunteers needed on local salmon & trout streams

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    Default volunteers needed on local salmon & trout streams

    The Anchorage Waterways Council needs YOUR help in caring for our creeks and the fish that inhabit them! (

    Our Citizen's Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP) is looking for motivated volunteers, from Eagle River, throughout Anchorage, down to Girdwood. Water Quality Monitoring occurs once a month in the winter and twice a month in the summer. Training and all necessary equipment are provided at no charge. If you enjoy being outdoors and are concerned about water quality please join us!

    Did you know that there are no state or local agencies that consistently monitor the health of our creeks? The Anchorage Waterways Council has taken on this very important task using dedicated and trained volunteers to collect data that is used to identify water quality trends and detect pollution. Volunteer monitors collect a wide array of chemical and physical data from 25 stationary creek sites, representing 11 watersheds in the Municipality of Anchorage. Without this valuable information, the ability to properly manage and protect water resources is diminished.

    The AWC completed a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) in 2002 which was then approved by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the EPA in early 2003. This QAPP assures that our volunteer data collection methods yield results comparable to those obtained by professional monitoring methods. By holding the Stream Team to this level of data accuracy we have added a level of scientific credibility and ensured that the data collected by volunteers is reliable and useful to resource managers.

    To join the STREAM TEAM or for more information contact Nick at (907) 27-CREEK (272-7335) ext 2 or email at
    or visit

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    Nick- I'll be teaching Biology and 9th grade Integrated Science at East High this year and might be interested in doing something like this as a class project. When I was getting my undergrad degree at UAA we did some water sampling (chem. sampling and invertebrate taxa richness) at a site right next to East, where a creek (Chester?) crosses Bragaw. If working together on a site within walking distance of the school would work for you, I'd potentially be interested in seeing if we could do something. Let me know...


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    Default water monitoring chester creek

    Brian - Yep, that's Chester creek and I'm guessing your professor was Frank VonHippel? I did the same thing not all that long ago with him in Conservation Biology. I'm sure we can get something going with your class, I'll send you a PM soon.



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    Cool interesting...

    On the subject but out of that area (i know its for Anchorage)...but is that something thats done in the valley also?

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    Default matsu monitoring

    Preed -

    There is a lake monitoring organization in the MatSu Valley area. See pages 11 and 16 in the following document for information:

    I'm not aware of anybody doing a similar program on the running waters out there, though.



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