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Thread: Bait Ruined!!!

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    Default Bait Ruined!!!

    You guys arnt going to believe this one. Forget about your petty squabbles up on the elliot or how somebody is hunting your stand when your not there. Check this out. One of my buddys, was going out to my stand to get some pictures and ran into a few folks near my bait. 4 cars and a helicopter in my parking spot, Doyon security on my access trail. The jokers are shooting a Conoco Philips TV commercial in the drainage basically on top of my bait. Im over 50 miles out of delta ans I use the old gas pipeline from the 50's as an access to my bait. Its all grown up and hasnt been used by anybody since last moose season. The pilot my buddy talked to did report that he saw the biggest interior Grizz he has ever seen in the drainage right there on top of me. That was good news LOL. I guess this is a sign to close this bait up and move to a less busy area. I think Im going to go another 15 miles in and try again. Im sure next week thell suddenly land the darn space shuttle on my next bait, or discover uranuim under my barrel. Makes a guy want to throw in the towel.

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    Default Dam...reminds me of years ago when

    2 hunters were in the bush around Yellow Knife when parts of a satellite
    fell near them and they had to be check for radiation...

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    Dag Nabit!!

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    Thats bad luck Jim! But maybe you should go gamble or something?

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    yeah, thats it... with luck like that, bring your money to my table...

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    I love public lands... but that's one of the curses that comes with it. Hope you'll find another spot


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