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Thread: How safe is this gun? Worn slide.

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    Default How safe is this gun? Worn slide.

    I picked up a little .22LR pistol cheap the other day. I broke it down, cleaned it up and it looks pretty good. Haven't shot it yet. I am not familiar with this manufacture. Made in France "D'Armes Des Pyrenees" or something like that. On the slide it appears the second notch for the safety should look like the first. This would prevent the hammer striking the pin if there was a round in the chamber and the hammer was down if the gun was dropped. I don't think I would trust keeping this gun around chambered with cocked or not. I guess having it in "condition 1" round chambered, hammer cocked and safety on would be okay.... but... So should I just be careful and use it on the range for plinking, find a new slide, or pass it along??? If anyone knows where I could find more info on this gun please let me know.

    With the safety off:

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    Default Unsafe gun?

    I won't be afraid to shoot it but I wouldn't ever carry it with a round in the chamber.

    Odds of it blowing up with a .22 round are very low but odds of it going off if dropped and there is a round in the chamber are very high!

    These coments apply to most of the cheap foreigh automatics in low powered calibers.
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    On second thought... there is no reason to carry a loaded .22LR anyway! My suspicion about the slide proved wrong. I was able to zero in on the make and model (mid 1960's MAPF Unique "Ranger" based on Unique 17, M/51 & M/52 from the Ruby style WWI pistols) and found all others with the same slide, nothing keeps the hammer off the firing pin when this gun is in "safe". However, I did find that this gun was issued as a service pistol to French Police and security personnel, and was used up to the early 1990's. Imagine an American cop with a .22LR in his holster! Yeah right!


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