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Thread: Free hunting license for military

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    Default Free hunting license for military

    Good news for military, didnt know if anyone had posted this yet.

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    We went though this thing once before already and the thread got so heated it was deleted by the mods. The free license is for Guard and Reserve personnel, not all military. Instead of posting a link here's all the info you need.

    Governor Signs Bills Benefiting Soldiers
    Hunting Licenses & Wildland Fires
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    No. 08-084

    June 2, 2008, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin today signed two bills that recognize and show appropriate appreciation for those who are serving our country in the military.
    “I am pleased to sign these bills in recognition of the great and selfless service provided by the fine men and women of our military,” Governor Palin said. “I know Alaskans are as appreciative as I am of the military and the efforts of those who serve to protect the freedoms we enjoy.”
    Senate Bill 214, sponsored by Senator Charlie Huggins, relates to hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for military members. Military personnel stationed in Alaska and serving in any National Guard or Reserve unit will receive free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses. The new law brings Alaska into line with most other states by waiving a residency requirement. The bill had bipartisan support in both the House and Senate, where it passed without a dissenting vote. The new law takes effect January 1, 2009.
    House Bill 326, sponsored by the Rules Committee at the request of the Governor, adds wildland fires to the list of emergencies under which the Governor may call the Alaska National Guard and Alaska Naval Militia into active state service. Additionally, the bill mandates that militia members be paid in a manner commensurate with others on the fire line. The new law takes effect in 90 days.
    “I truly appreciate the hard work of Representatives Nancy Dahlstrom and Bob Roses, both of whom spearheaded this legislation from introduction to final passage,” Governor Palin said.

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    It is valuable to have this info available, so we'll leave this up as a news item. Thanks.


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