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    Looking at buying a used 2nd generation glock in 40 S&W online. It looks to be in good condition, was a police carry gun. What parts would you be most concerned about being worn out? I realize I may need to replace springs and such but are there any major parts that are likely to be worn that can't be replaced easily and cheaply?


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    Just replace the magazine catch with a longer one for easier dropping an empty, and a longer slide release. And considering it lived the the holster for so long, once purchased, take it to an authorized Glock dealer and have it completely disassembled and cleaned.
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    As long as it was cared for in a reasonable manner the springs are probably the only thing to replace. Glocks are extremely durable....
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    I own a 2nd Gen Glock 23 and you'll really enjoy shooting this gun. Mine was new, but two things I changed on mine: I put real night sight on (not the Glock plastic) Trijicon, and I changed to a ISMI titanium glock recoil rod.

    In The Complete Glock Reference Guide which has total disassembly and reassembly, and the ultimate glock tourture test. They found that the only part on the glock that failed after repeated firing was the OE plastic recoil spring guide. Now, I am sure neither you nor me will ever fire our glock that many times in a row, but I felt it was worth my effort to change.

    I agree with the other guys in that you should change the mag springs as well as the recoil spring. Glock states of changing them every 3K rounds. Go to or other type web pages to find out more.

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    Change out the springs if they need it and you should be fine.

    If you really want, you can send it into Glock and they'll go over the entire gun and replace anything that's needed. I believe it's free, except for shipping. (Barring a blown barrel, slide, or other GIANT problems with the gun)


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    Police guns tend to be carried lots and shot little. The worst thing you'll find on them is holster wear.

    Springs are probably the only thing you really need to consider replacing. Other than that, Glocks are pretty easy to detail strip and clean and if you are getting a used gun, it's a good idea to do so.
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