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Thread: MSR MIOX water Purifier?

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    Default MSR MIOX water Purifier?

    Does anyone have any experience with this device? Good, Bad? I may be purchasing one and wanted to check and see what people thought of it compared to the traditional water filters/purifiers. I realize that this device does not "Filter" the water but only kills bacteria, virus etc. I think If I did buy this then I would also carry a few coffee filers in my pack so that I can filter the water was well. Thoughts?


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    Here's a link to the army's evaluation of it.

    Be aware, it does not kill cryptosporidium

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    Actually, it says it will kill cryptosporidium using the "overkill" dosage (8x normal dose) with the recommended 4 hour wait. It also says that at normal dosages it was "inconsistent" in killing cryptosporidium. Perhaps one could infer it might kill cryptosporidium, or it might not, at the regular dose & 4 hour wait? Personally, I'm not sure I want to try that out.

    Other than cryptosporidium, 30 minutes is the recommended wait time.

    Also, since the Army says that it probably only produces regular chlorine, why not just use chlorine?

    I have used the MIOX Purifier, and according to the test strips it was working, and no one (11 of us) got sick, so... It was kind of persnickity though. We couldn't always get it to make the brine correctly, and the device would indicate an error. Turns out we had nearly dead batteries. Always pack a couple extra 123a batteries with you. We only had one fresh one, which we combined with a nearly dead one, and the device limped along, sometimes working, and sometimes not.

    Anyone have an idea how prevalent cryptosporidium is in AK?

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    Quickly found this study...

    Cryptosporidium was found in 3 of 49 samples of Caribou poop collected in northern AK

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    Per ADF&G it is the second most common bug in the AK waters behind only Giardia. They both come from contaminated animal feces.

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    Default Miox experience

    I used it on an extended sheep hunt. At the last minute I put in my old reliable MSR water works for base camp and was glad I did. The MIOX worked great for small quantities but was problematic to get to turn the test strips positive at amounts above one liter. It rapidly became the carry along waterpurifier, but not to filter in quantity. Also It was a lot more of a battery hog than anticipated. Bottom line it is a nifty toy now that I have it, but I wouldn't buy another one.

    And by the way, probably best to keep the Caribou nugget munching to a minimum.....


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