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Thread: deshka and seward in June

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    Default deshka and seward in June

    My folks are coming up the last full week of June. I have boat rentals booked for one day on the Deshka and two days out of Seward. Looking to do kings and halibut. Both trips will be during the week. This our first season up here. I've got the heavy rods/reels taken care of, but need advice on line, lures, bait, rigging, and technique. I live in the valley and will have plenty of chance to practice before game time. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Get some Ugly Stik rods, about 8.5' to 9.5' hook up some 35# line on em, get some #6 vibraxs, hot pink, blue and orange. maybe some spin and glos, I don't know if bait is legal on Deshka ( I want to say NO). Maybe some kwikfish too?
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    Bait is legal on the Deshka since May 15th. I was there on June 2 with my daughter and fished from 6 am until 11 am - no luck. My daughter is so hard core, she didn't even take a 5 min. break from throwing spinners the whole 5 hrs!


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