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    Can anyone give me any information about the .338 WSM, such as Loads, Where to get reloading Dies for them, ect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greener View Post
    Can anyone give me any information about the .338 WSM, such as Loads, Where to get reloading Dies for them, ect.

    Yes. I have one made on a MRC SM action with a 20" Broughton barrel. A very nice package with very useful ballistics. I made mine with a barrel that was a little too heavy, but it's a fine shooter. I'll try to find a picture of it. The dies are made by Redding and are available now from Graf &Son in Mexico, Missouri. The would be about $125.00 They are custom but the initial tooling is paid and they are very popular so Redding makes a lot of them. I have lots of data and of course any bullet for the 338-06 or 338 mag works very well. It seems very much at home with 200 to 225 grains with a 210 partition or a 225 Kodiak doing yoeman service.

    The stories about Winchester not making such because it couldn't achieve useful ballistics is bunk. It cannot equal the 338 mag just as the 300 WSM can't equal the 300 Win mag. The 338-06 can't equal the 338 mag either but sometimes a little less power makes a nicer package and a good compromise in ballistics and recoil.
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    Default 338wsm

    I currently am shooting the 338WSM out of my center grip Savage Striker.

    Very awesome cartridge in a 17" handgun barrel. I purchased my RCBS reloading dies brand new from a gun shop in Kenia. For $80. I would contact Dave at I have many of his custom dies and they are top of the line quality.

    Loading is simple and one can either use 300WSM data as a starting point or look in the wildcat section of Cartridges of the World for the 35 Sambar.
    The Sambar is where I started my load development. Probably google the 338X300WSM and find information as well.



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