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Thread: WTB small, inexpensive used alum jon boat

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    Default WTB small, inexpensive used alum jon boat

    Please pm price.

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    Sportsmans Wharehouse just got a small order of the 12' jon's in Monday. They are $599. with the $50. coupon they aren't bad. I had one on order but when they called me I had just found one on Craigslist that was much better quality for a little less, with only about 1 hour of use on it. It is all but brand spanking new. Great deal for me but that leaves at least 1 at Sportsmans unclaimed...

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    Default jon boat

    Thanks. I was just at sportsman's and they do not have any boats. I'm just looking for a 10 or 12 foot alum. boat to throw in the back of the truck and take all of the neighboorhood kids fishing in the afternoons. I'm looking for an under $250 boat, nothing special or a motor.

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    akrifle-I hope you find a boat to take the kids out. That is exactly why I got mine. I've watched Craigslist and these forums for a couple years now before finally finding the one I got the other day. There just aren't many like that out there. Finding one for $250. from what I have seen, may take a while. I felt lucky to find one at twice that, but I am happy with it. Keep looking, you never know...

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    Default jon boat

    Yea, I know, Thanks. I was trying to swap the paddle boat but a family didn't have anything to swap and just had to have it so I gave them a good deal.

    Down in America Walmart, KMart etc... has alum jon boats stacked and chained out front for next to nothing. I sure wish someone would stock them up here.


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