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Thread: ship creek fly rod

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    Default ship creek fly rod

    hello. i am new to the board. i go down to ship creek every now and then to try and luck up and catch a king and i see guys using fly rods. i was wondering what kind of set up would be appropriate. thanks in advance

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    Default I don't

    know much about fly rodding - but I would plan on a 9'6" or longer 9 weight. Sinking tip leader (arguable), and a couple feet of 25 pound test, nail knot down to whatever won't break your rod..

    I am going to use a fast sink tip line, 3' of 25 pound leader, 3-4' of 15 pound test on the end of that. I have an 8 weight (with a 30 year guarrantee) that is probably not big enough.

    Not sure how much I will use it when it gets real busy down there - I don't want to mess up a lot of people with a lighter weight rod - probably best to horse them in and git it done as quick as possible - which goes against the grain for the way I like to catch fish!

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    Default fly rod

    Because ship gets so busy, you may have a tough time truly fly fishing down there. For kings around here, I've had good success with a run of the mill 10 weight ugly stick big water fly rod. I've broken my expensive salt water 11 weight more than once and have yet to snap the ugly stick. Since you probably won't be doing lots of finesse, distance casting, I really don't think you need that fine-tuned of a stick. Get something tough and reliable in a 2 piece. I wouldn't use anything less than a 10 weight on Ship. You should be able to hold them with a 20-25 lb leader of straight mono. I really like bushy maribou flies and tie them on a 4 ought+ size hook. If your hooks are too small, you'll be lucky to hold one of those pigs. A sinking tip might work for line, as long as you are getting down just off the bottom. You still may need split shot above the fly as well. Or, you can use floating line with more split shot and either drift or swing your fly, depending on your pattern. Good luck down there.


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