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    Default I 'm on my way

    This is my first post on the handgun page First i want to say that I have enjoyed reading your posts for the last few months . I live in Minnesota and really enjoy shooting and hunting . I have spent the last 20 years watching my wife lose her life to MS . So i haven’t been able to go anywhere for more then 3or4 hours .On my days off for the last 5 years.
    After twenty years of teaching im heading north of Winnipeg and turn left to Alaska plan to stay as long as i can until the winter drives me south again. I have two Questions
    1 Canada doesn't let me carry my handgun ,so a long gun will have to do .
    I have a permit to purchase in MN Will I be able to buy a handgun in Alaska without too much trouble?
    2. Question this is a little off this form but you all seem to possess a lot of wisdom. My traveling friend is a golden retriever i trained her as a helper dog for my wife will I be able to travel in bear country with the dog? Your comments will be greatly appreciated
    Jeff Audette

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    Sorry to read about your wife, and I wish you well in your travels.

    You should have no problems buying a handgun in Alaska, and your dog should be fine (as long as he/she is reasonably voice-trained), but always bring a leash wherever you go. You never know when you might need it.............

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    Make sure you are acquainted with the paperwork needed to bring the long gun through Canada. You don't want to be surprised at the border.

    Welcome to Alaska.


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    Default Good luck to you...the gun laws have changed in

    Canada in the last few years...Long guns are no problem and I think handguns are allowed the net for the current Canadian gun laws...They were listed in these fourms at one time...You can get the forms from their web site and fill them out in advance

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    No you cannot buy a handgun from a licensed dealer in AK.
    You have to be a resident of AK.
    You could arrange to have a handgun delivered to your licensed dealer in MN through a willing licensed dealer in AK and pick it up in MN.

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    I am also sorry to read about your wife and hope you have a good visit to Alaska.

    First, the last time I asked (about 16 yrs ago) about taking a handgun into Canada on a fishing trip, the Canadian customs guy made it very clear that any handguns found at the border would be confiscated and melted down. Not sure if the rules changed since then, the best thing would be to call Canadian customs and find out, and if they say it's OK, get a name and document reference. You might be able to have a handgun shipped to AK?

    Next, I own 3 Yellow labs and live in bear country, Blackies and Griz. I take them hicking and backpacking with me all the time. Only had one bear encounter with one of my dogs. She spotted a blackie a ways up the trail and started barking and stayed right by me. The bear noticed us, watched us for about a min, then turned and trotted back up the trail.. My only concern would be, would the dog try to harras and chase the bear off. If it would that could provoke a charge. Other than that I see no problems with dogs in bear country. In fact, a dog could help detect a bear and keep you out of a bad spot. And I always rest a little easier at night when I have my dogs with me when camping.

    Hope this helps,


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    My condolences about your wife, as well.

    Last year when we traveled thru Canada to Alaska the rule was no handguns. Period. Long guns are OK with a permit form that you can fill out at the border or download from the Canadian website and filled out in advance - this is the preferred method. There is a fee for the rifle permit - IIRC it's $50.

    I also thought you'd have to be an Alaska resident to purchase a handgun up here.
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    See if you can't ship it to an FFL. Besides, once "winter forces you back south", you'll have to ship it home anyway...

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    the other guys here got you pretty well set on the gun issue, but also remember to have all of your vacination tags and documetation on the dog with you when you cross the border into Canada. They May or may not let your dog in without current records for vacination.
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    Default just buy a used gun from 3rd party

    if you don't mind buying a used gun there are plenty of them listed on the gun sales forum on here, then you don't have to go thru all the red tape. you could always keep your eye open for something here close to the time you are headed this way, then make arrangements to pick up when you get here, or post a WTB hangun, just before you get here.

    Enjoy your trip, it's breathtaking this time of year.


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