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Thread: Dall River Pike..

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    Question Dall River Pike..

    ..At the end of June. Is the trip worth it (gas costs from Fairbanks)? I have fished the river in July (not so good), and in August (amazing). Has anybody fished it at the end of June? Is it any good at that time of the year? Or should i just hold off until August?

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    Default IMO, water levels key

    I really think it has a lot to do with the water levels. I've fished it several times and did the best when the water level was super-low...but I've also been there when the Yukon was flowing up the Dall (got skunked on that one...)

    Here's a pic to when I went when it was super low...You can see where the waterline normally was--the fishing was awesome!

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    Wait until August. It is not uncommon for the Yukon to stay high until July. I tried a Dall trip on the last weekend in June once and the Yukon was so high that the camping spot where Indian creek and the Dall come together was almost under water.
    The best pike fishing I have ever had was in August on the Dall, I spent 4 days fishing upstream from Patrick creek all the way up to the forks and I dont think I ever madw more than 5 casts without a strike.


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