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Thread: the hard choices in life, the Skwentna or the Chitina for black bear?

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    Default the hard choices in life, the Skwentna or the Chitina for black bear?

    It's come to decision time for me, I've got to choose between the Upper Skwentna and the Chitina for a black bear hunt. Given the choice, which would be a better pick for black bear? Thanks.

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    Default either, or another

    Concerning your projected black bear hunt on the Skwentna or the Chitna Rivers. Why these two rivers? Neither is known for really large bears. Neither is known for super high populations.

    I do not know a lot about the Skwentna area, but have done some rafting, hiking, hunting and guiding north of the upper Chitna River. While I have seen some medium and small black bears, I have seen more small to medium size grizzlys.

    Anyhoo, if you live on the road system in Southcentral AK, I would not go to either specifically for black bears. If you hunt hard, the good 'ol Kenai Penn is possible better than both of the options you mentioned for both higher numbers and slightly bigger bears.

    I would not hunt either of those locations unless I wanted to learn more about moose on the Skwentna or sheep north of the Chitina.

    (...just my thoughts...)



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