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    Question Alaska west air

    Has anybody used alaska air west for hunting . I need feedback good or bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by longgun View Post
    Has anybody used alaska air west for hunting . I need feedback good or bad
    I used them a few years ago on a drop off caribou hunt. They did about 95% of what they said they would do (I figure that if you can get 50-65% of what you were promised, you're lucky) . They have good planes and very good pilots that will put you where there's game, and the prices were reasonable (don't know what reasonable would be today with all the turmoil going on). I'd recommend them, good luck.
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    I have not flown with AK West, but I know the owners. They are good folks.

    The biggest thing to be certain of, IMO, is to be clear with any flying operation what your needs, wants, and expectations are.

    ETA: Done prior to flying.

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    I've used AK West numerous times and have been happy with their service. On one trip, we were dropped in an area where the river was high and had been hit with floaters, due to outdated intel. After our return, I mentioned the lack of shooter moose and the number of hunters (we did take one moose) - and they took us on a free guided fly-out fishing trip for the day and let us fill the plane with other friends/family! Definitely above and beyond.


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