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Thread: Kachemak Bay Chicken fishing

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    Default Kachemak Bay Chicken fishing

    We went out on Saturday in the area of the compass rose. We were staying in Halibut Cove Lagoon so we had to wait for high tide to get out, or at least higher tide.

    We got on site just after high tide and fished for about an hour and a half until the current got to ripping to fast to get our jigs to the bottom. We fished bait(squid)/circle hook on one rig, heavy lead head with skirt tipped in squid on one, and a large crippled herring tipped in squid on the third pole. We tried herring and nothing.

    In an hour and a half we landed 3 on the circle hook and the same piece of squid. Caught 2 each on the jigs. Large was around 40lbs, small was around 25. Released some smaller ones. Couple of small spiny unknowns that we set free, could have been sculpins but not sure. We had well over a hundred lbs of fillets in the ice chest.

    Seas weren't bad, cloudy, light wind, maybe 2' seas. No one went chumming. Photo's are on the wife's camera. I think we were in about 150' of water but not sure now, I'll check the plotter tonight.

    We had one nice one get away on a jig. We were handing off the pole and let some slack in the line.

    Halibut Cove Lagoon has a sweet set of Public Use Cabins.

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    Nice report!
    Thanks for sharing. I always love hearing about success with jigging!!

    will send you a PM


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