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Thread: Waterproof cases?

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    Default Waterproof cases?

    I need a couple of waterproof cases for putting a handguns and cameras in. What is everybody using?

    I've always been a big fan of Pelican cases, but I would like to buy some that are less expensive.
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    Default Alternatives to Pelican Cases

    You might try a small dry bag with some padding inside. Naturally it's hard to beat a Pelican Case for fragile items, but the dry bag option does work.

    Of course, you could also go with any small lunch-sized cooler. Not waterproof if submerged, but will cover you okay in the rain and is impact-resistant. An ammo can may be another option. The ones with the rubber seal of course.


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    Thumbs up Mil-spec Ammo Cans

    Mil-spec Ammo Cans are waterproof & come in many sizes.

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    Default Pelican

    I needed a pelican case for my rifles (long). Couldn't find one in Anch, and online was hard to afford.
    Went to Seward last month and they had an extensive selection and beat online prices by a lot.
    Meant to post it earlier cause i was so happy-- The True Value has excellent prices on pelican. Not worth a trip by itself (fuel) but if you go anyway then stop in. The Pelican 1750 WITH foam was 169.99 plus tax. I have a 1520 with foam $150+ @ REI and they beat it by $30. FYI

    Also, the pluck and pick foam seemed nice but is not holding up too well. My filet knife did a great job cutting the solid stuff.
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    I found some nice waterproof cases at Walmart. My camera and phone fit nicely in the larger one and it was only like $12.00.

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    Default rei-outlet

    REI has some nice drybags on sale on thier website in the outlet section, a good deal especially if you can pick up at thier store in Anchorage and take advantage of the free shipping.

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    I've bought used Pelican boxes on eBay for a fairly good price, but shipping is usually a deal killer. I ended up with a good 1550 that is too big for what I want. Sell it for $80 if anyone wants it. No foam, but that's easy to get locally.

    I don't like the pick & pluck stuff either. It doesn't hold up, and it takes too much room. After trying several things, I have finally resorted to cutting up an old foam sleeping pad ($1 at a garage sale) and using high quality duct tape to hold it in the shapes I want. It holds up well as long as you use good tape. It's also custom designed and doesn't take up too much room to do the job well.

    I also did the same with a 50 cal ammo case (check the seal first), and managed to cram in a DSLR, 4 lenses ( 50, 12-24, 24-85, 70-300), a flash, batteries, cards, filters, hoods, and other misc. It was amazing how much would go in with foam, tape & a little thought. I prefer the Pelican though.


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