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Thread: Solider Wants Trout

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    it has been my pleasure serving in Alaska for the past three years. Before leaving this late summer i would like one last trout fly fishing trip. i am looking to catch and release trout. However I do not know my way around Alaska very well and i was wondering if any one would like to give me some hints on where to catch some nice trout. i do not want elbow to elbow fishing but i can tolerate other fisherman in the vicinity. i know some of you have great secret fishing holes. i will provide the transportation if you would be willing to take me to a good stream or river for a afternoon. Please E mail me.



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    If you can head out toward Wasilla, just drive up the parks highway. There a quite a few rivers on the highway that are full of trout. Willow, Sheep, Montana, Caswell, Goose. All those rivers in about a 50 mile stretch of highway. Or You can even fish one of the many many stocked lakes out in the Mat-Su valley. I'm no fly fisher myself but have seen plenty of people on these rivers fly fishing and doing well.

    Check out the adfg website, for stocked lake info.


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