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Thread: Anyone Scale thier Salmon?

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    I always scale my salmon as I eat the skin, it's the best part! When I lived in Anchorage I used to scale them on my lawn & I see that the place where I scaled them was the lushest most greenest, thickest part of the lawn! I'd spray them down with the garden hose, gut them & scale them on the yard...

    Here in Marshall, either I use a tub or the river to scale the one else scales thier fish, here, but I think it would save knife sharpening if you did, & save that funny feeling you get, in the back of your throat, when you swallow a scale...YECH!

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    I only scale thin-skinned ocean fish where the scales have not set.

    A garden hose blows them right off.

    That kind of salmon skin crisps up just like bacon.... yum!

    River fish that have hardened off do not get scaled.... their skin gets thicker and slimier (sp).... which I find less appetizing.

    I watched a sushi chef in Seattle cutting a whole farmed Atlantic salmon. Left the scales on the skin which is used for making crisped salmon skin rolls. I love those things, but never knew they left the scales on.
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    Yup, garden hose works great!
    Quote Originally Posted by gogoalie View Post
    I'd spray them down with the garden hose, gut them & scale them on the yard...


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