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    Hey thinking of going for the emergency opener. Sounds like the trail is closed so what are my options for a boat ride.

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    I've booked with Captain Kim this year(Mon 16th) and here's what I learned. He takes you out and you fish from the boat, which I hope is the best way to dipnet successfully. He takes groups of four out twice a day for 5 hours, the first at 10 and the second at 3. It's $170 per person or $650 for the boat(4 people). He has no additional charges if you're Proxie-ing for someone else. Last year I'd heard the guys who drop you off were charging an additonal fee for the people Proxie-ing, i.e. more freight to haul. He did want a 50% deposit and as I was driving right by North Pole it was not a problem. Not sure how he would handle people not in the Fairbanks/North Pole area.
    I like the fact that he takes Reservations, no rush down and get in line at 3am. I hope fishing from the boat gives good results. Given its a Monday I guess there was a better than good chance of getting out on the other charters and also getting a good spot. I know Mark of Hem's charter will give people a accurate forcast(from his info) to people waiting to Charter and I'll seen people hear him say that 'it's really slow' and that it sounded too slow for them and decided to save their $$$ and not to go. I won't have that option but also won't have to worry if I can get out in the morning either.
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