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    I have a 26 foot ocean fiberglass boat (~9000lbs) on a King triple axle trailer. There are 4 bunks supporting my boat and they are slowly sagging and in need of replacement. I have been considering buying some jack stands and keel blocks and doing it myself. But first, does anyone have a recommendation on someone/company in Anchorage that can do this for me... a good experience. I see some guys out there that have some sturdy brackets on their trailers that will not slip.


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    Get all set to fix the trailer and dump the boat in the water somewhere. This will give you 2 reasons to go fishing. The 1st when you drop it off the 2nd when you pick her up.

    At worst try Burkeshore for a tie up for a couple of days. Maybe someone here can loan you some dock space.

    I have had my 28' Bayliner "almost" off the trailer for some roller maitenance. The big thing is to have your blocks (strofoam blocks are great) as high as or maybe even a little higher then the trailer. This allows you to get back on without to much of a PIA. Off is easy...on you cannot depend on the winch to get it back on. It is not designed to haul it back on dry.

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    I changed the bunks on my trailer last year. I bought 6X6 posts and saturated them with a type of stain that was made for staining underwater dock posts. I put as much in them as they would take. About 5 coats. Carpeted them, bought all new hardware and went to Whittier with everything in the back of the truck including tools and cutting torch. I do have a lockable shell on my truck so I wasnt worried about a lazy thief coming by when I was on the water. I went to the harbor master and asked for a slip for a couple of hours and they gave me one at no costs. Lauched the boat and put it in the slip, drove over to the beach and changed everything out. Parked the truck went fishing, came back and recovered the boat. I did have to make one adjustment to the alignment of the bunks but I just dropped the boat back in the water and made the adjustment right there at the launch and put it back on. To me that was way easier and more fun than trying to jack the boat off the trailer. Also, the best was, I took 3 buddies of mine with me for a fishing trip and they had to help out to go fishing. It seemed to motivate everyone to work hard. Good luck.
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