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Thread: Newbie Rose question

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    Question Newbie Rose question

    Hey Ya'll!
    I live in Knik, Alaska and I have been thinking about planting a rose garden. I haven't really done all that much gardening, though I help my Mom a lot in her garden (We've been fixing her garden boxes up and rota tilling((sp?)))
    But I was wondering, does anyone know what kind of roses do best in Alaska? I don't have all that much space in the house to dig up plants and bring them in for the winter, so what kind of roses do you know of (besides the wild roses I see growing around here) that can withstand the winter and grow back in the spring? or is there such a thing?
    Sorry for all the questions , but I'm pretty inquisitive, and I need some info.

    Thanks ya'll!

    -Rebecca Marie

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    Rosa Rugosa is the heartiest of all roses I've tried. They're somehow related to the Sitka roses you see all over the forests in south central in the wild and can be found in greenhouses locally. They survive our winters just fine. Don't be surprised to see moose chomping on them in winter. I haven't had much damage but it always surprises me to see it.

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