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Thread: How do I get to Happy Valley Creek mouth?

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    Default How do I get to Happy Valley Creek mouth?

    Hi all,

    We went trolling today right in front of 'twin falls"? Not sure of the name. It was about 10 miles from Deep creek.

    Anyways, my charter boat capt told me he would 'guess' that surfcasting at the mouth of Happy Valley Creek where it spills into the ocean would be productive.

    From the boat, it looked like the only way to get there was to jump off a 200 foot ledge. Unfortunately I did not pack my parachute so is there another way to get there?

    Im obsessed with this idea about catching a King in the surf.

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    Default sodabiscuit,

    sent you an e-mail.
    Matt Drayton, Chef de Cuisine
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    Hey Meat!

    Got the email. Thanks for the info.

    Man...thats a difficult creek to get to!

    Thats ok. Makes the fishing that much better.


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