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Thread: Remingtons excellent service

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    Smile Remingtons excellent service

    I have a Model 700 338 RUM. I was having an occasional extraction problem which turned out to be a rough chamber.
    I sent it to remington on 7/17 and got it back on 8/12. when I opened the box I found that they had installed an entirely new rifle on my stock and bedded it.
    I went to the range on monday with some 250 grain partition golds loaded to 2968 avg. and sighted it in. I shot 4 consecutive groups that measured under .8 inch with the last 2 groups cutting one hole. I have a 1.5-5 leupold mounted on it.
    The best part of the story is No Charge friom Remington and now it works perfectly!

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    Its nice to see an American company still has some respect for their customers.
    Its been going the "other way" for too long.


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