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    I'm thinking of getting a raft for family trips first and then hunting and fishing. I have no experience with rafts but have canoed allot. I have a family of five, 7 if we take the dogs along. I have always thought catarafts looked like they would be fun, seem to be a little more agile but not sure about room for the crew. Most of our outings would be day trips on pretty calm rivers with the occasional 5 day trip. The ages of my kids are 11, 9, and 6 and the two dogs are labs. Once before the kids leave the house me and the boys plan to float the Yukon for an extended trip. As they get into there teens I would also like to take them out to some of the rives I have hunted and do some trips hunting and fishing with them. Let me know your thoughts.

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    FB 5 + 2 is a lot to carry on any raft under 20'. I know where there's a 25' cat for sale. It belongs to a guy at work. He has had 8 on it and a 50hp to cross big lakes.

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    5 people and gear will fit into a 14' self bailer, but you have to pack with moderation, and it will still be a fairly heavy boat to row. I had 8 adult paddlers in one a few weeks ago for four days on the Matanuska, but most of the gear was in another boat. Still, we were really dragging, and I was wishing for a 16' boat.

    An 18' cat would also take your load, but might require just a little more water depth.

    Personally, when there are kids involved I prefer a regular raft (self bailer or otherwise), since they are *in* the boat and not just *on* it. Too much playing around can get one to fall off easier. Not that that can't happen in any boat, but it's perhaps easier in a cat.

    I saw an older 15' tub floor (not self bailing) listed on Craig's List, today or yesterday, for $1000, and that included a frame. Looked to be in good shape, and that is a good price.

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    Thanks, I think I'm going to try to rent one of each and do a short trip down the chena and see what we think. This should solve some of the questions but will no doubt make me think of others.


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