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Thread: fishing around Fairbanks

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    Default fishing around Fairbanks

    Where do you fish for big Pike close to Fairbanks? I know Minto Flats but I don't want to drive out there. I've caught some 30+ in out of the chena. Where else do I go?

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    Default pike

    well there isnt really any great places that i have found but i know there are a few places to go. well the sloughs out by the airport have pike in them but i have never really caught any monsters out of there. there is some strip mines and ponds out behind greer welding that i heard of some big boys coming out of, also sone of the stocked lakes the pike get really big in (bathing beauty, and some out by eilson. well hit me up some time if you are looking for some one to go with and chase these fish. well hope that helps a little.


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    sorry my buddy was over last night and he was still signed in so sorry for the wrong name i posted under..


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    Default lake george

    is good i hear but you need a shallow running craft to get in there.

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    the stock ponds are really good for big pike though over the past 5 or 6 years while the stocking decreased so did the big pike. People really liked putting the hammer to them. Have seen some monsters in the way station pond, eielson ponds (on and off base), and have done very well at george though I didnt think you could get there in the summer? Alteast I dont know anyone doing it but that dont mean it cant or couldnt be done. We ran sleds in, in the winter.

    Seems every couple of years the good lake acrossed from eielson changes. One year it's grayling the next its pike lake etc etc. As pressure moves from one lake to the next, the pike get big big big in the ones that dont get it.

    I do know there is a bunch of spearing ice fishing guys on two of the lakes at eielson and from what I've been told (havent talked to them but have talked to some buddys of theres) they do quite well.

    Another option is the Ray river. But if it were me wanting big pike (and big sheefish) I'd hit the Dall river. it's getting hammered pretty hard over the years and still produces. Either way I'd seriously give this one some thought.


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