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Thread: Sako TRG-S 7.92 (308) Lazzzeroni Warbird

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    Default Sako TRG-S 7.92 (308) Lazzzeroni Warbird

    Anyone have any experience with this caliber? I am looking at a used (like new condition) Sako TRG-S but am having a hard time shelling out 1600 bones for it, when new the rifle went for 900. I wish I only had the foresite and money to have invested in such a deal a few years back. Anyhow just fishing for thoughts and feelings on this rare to find tack driver.

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    Might want to post this in the Shooting Forum, those guys will have the answer you are looking for!

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    Default Trg-s

    I recently bought a TRG-S in 338 Laupa 0ne box through it for $550. I have seen War birds go for under $1000 on gunbroker in the last 6 mo. The TRG-S is a great rifle, but the stocks tend to crack. McMillian and Saringetti make replacement stocks and bottom metal.
    The action can also be used for custom DG rifles, very slick action.

    Dr B


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