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    Hello all,

    I have inherited a piece of land from my grandfather on Paxson Lake, right next to his old lot in which he built a cabin on in 1962 (but he unfortunately sold it in '68). The new owners passed away and the lot was probated and divided among four people making it nearly impossible for me to purchase back. But I did however go to the lot this week (I'm visiting Alaska right now, will be here for another week), and his cabin was still standing. There were some foundation problems due to wetness, but it still seemed quite sturdy despite being 45+ years old.

    However, as you all may know these lakeside lots do have a serious problem with water, sinking, etc. It was obvious that the people who owned a lot close to mine had foundation problems due to the wetness, too.

    I want to build (or have built) a cabin on my lot, but am afraid of it being too wet to build anything on. What are some light footprint cabin setup options that I have? I don't want anything too large... 1000 square feet at the most. The two most important things I want it to have is a loft and wood burning stove.

    Is this land too wet to build on? If not, because of the wetness would it be a large and expensive problem to have a reasonably sturdy and safe structure built on it? Does anybody recommend somebody that can go and take a look at it and determine whether it is too wet or not, and a company that can build a reliable cabin on it for a half-way decent price?

    Thanks, and hopefully I will be joining you all full-time soon!

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    You might give these guys a call. I've heard good things about them.
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    Jay is a great guy who does quality work at a very fair price. I worked for him and loved it. The only reason i left was my wife got tired of me being on the road. He build quality stuff
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