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Thread: Take Out on the Susitna

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    Default Take Out on the Susitna

    Has anybody taken out at Deshka Landing? I've never floated that stretch, and am worried about missing it since it's so far off the main body. Also, will I get run over by airboat?


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    I've never seen a raft take out at Deshka, but that doesn't mean anything. It depends where you're coming from, but most rafters take out at Willow Creek (usually at the infamous illegal takeout downstream from the fishing hole. so they didn't have to pay the $10 parking fee)

    Finding it is a little more tricky, but not the worst either. I just looked at Google Earth, and it has plenty enough detail to find your way to the landing. The real issue is which channel is easiest to float. I haven't boated upstream from Deshka this year, but there have been enough changes downstream to give me pause. Overall, if you stick to the old willow channel of the Big Su, just stay left (east) and you can't really miss seeing landing. Eddying out in time may be a separate issue!

    PS If I figure out how to share/copy google earth, l'll send you the file.
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    Thanks for the advice. We did end up taking out at the Willow. It was hard to get left though, as water levels are really low. Good trip though.



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