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Thread: Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM)

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    Default Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM)

    On the northern kenai pen map.. Is there really only 1/2 mile of trail for ATV use??

    Anywho.. nice info on what roads are public and for what use. Enforcement has begun.

    Love the last 2 paragraphs...

    from website
    When will the MVUM become enforceable?

    The MVUM becomes enforceable on May 1, 2008.
    After MVUMs are available to the public in map form and on the web, what will be the USFS enforcement strategy?

    When new regulations are posted, the Forest Service provides some time to educate the public about the specifics of the regulation. A law enforcement officer contact with the public is a great opportunity to provide information education and create awareness about MVUM. However, law enforcement officers can issue a notice of violation anytime after the MVUM is publicly available.

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    Default Thanks for the link-

    Good info. Added to "favorites"...

    Makes you wonder, should a person on the N. Kenai even bother owning an ATV??


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