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    I am not new to running a boat, but I have never run a boat on the Little Su.
    I was planning on going down river, are there any special warnings or spots to watch for or helpful hints that anyone can give me?

    AK Chappy

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    It's narrow with a lot of blind curves and a lot of boats, not all of which stay on their own side. Keep it slow and hug the right bank as much as you can. With a jet, you should have no problems as far as depth water depth.

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    Just take it slow. There are a lot of narrow curves.

    The river is pretty easy to read.

    I use the straight streches to go fast.

    Watch out for other boaters. Most are cool but every once in a while there will be a yahoo that think a jet boat can only run and turn at full throttle.

    Knock on wood I have not seen any boat crashes there but the Park Ranger told me there are a lot. I have seen a couple canoes flipped over by jerks in motor boats though.

    Oh yeah, watch for overhanging bushes. I lost a couple rods my first year there in my jet boat. I didn't even have to haul ass to find some bushes.
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    Thanks guys,
    See you on the water.
    Tight lines all!!

    AK Chappy


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