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Thread: Pretty cool

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    Default Pretty cool

    Like the new forum.
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    Last edited by AlaskaCub; 05-04-2006 at 11:51. Reason: try adding a pic

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    Default It worked

    Cool I can add pics.

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    Default checking

    to see if a most recent response rolls you post to the top

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    Exclamation How did you get the pic posted???

    I'm lost with attaching the picture

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    Default Pics

    You have to click on the reply box and then after you type you rreply or message click on manage attachments below your message and then you can browse for a file or pic. It was something like that. I am going to try it again, this is a pic of my new boat.
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    I thought I'd try to post a picture of one of my best Alaska memories....
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    Default AZBob

    Thats a great picture. Looks like 3 decent bou too.

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    Default Heres one in the Brooks

    Took this last spring
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    Default this is better!!

    I have been busy and finally logged onto the new site today! Now I gotta post a pic! Keep yer fingers crossed!
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