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Thread: Plastic worms for kings or other salmon

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    Default Plastic worms for kings or other salmon

    I hear this is getting quite popular down south, does anyone here fish them? I guess they are often drifted under a bobber just above the bottom.

    It sounds like a fun way to fish, and maybe lose less gear than with weights and Spin-n-Glow on the bottom.

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    This technique is used widely in the Pacific Northwest & Canada to fish for Stealhead. Silvers would probably tear worms up. Not sure if there effective on river Kings? I am going to test them out in a couple of weeks. It's more common in Alaskan waters to see anglers float fishing with jigs, or eggs.
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    Never tried it, heard of it though (realities out of state say it's fun). Honestly does not sound interesting to me, and not really sure how it would work in our rivers? Anyone?

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    I could not use them for Kings where I fish as they are scented and would be bait. Silvers is no bait until Aug 6 where I fish too.
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    Other than a couple "incidental" takes on pink worm, salmon are going to NOT likely hit a pink worm.

    IE, unless you like playing around and wasting your time on the water, I'd use something else to catch a salmon with.

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    you can buy unscented versions of plastic works though these days they are definatly becoming harder and harder to find.

    Just a tip. A pink sluggo if you can find them works extremely well on pike when they're up in the reeds or any near shore brush vegitation, and you cant get anything else in there without snag city. Used these when I was black bear guiding a number of years ago, we landed on a pike lake and really tore fish up with them.

    I really bet they'd work well even suspended in back water areas that coho's like getting into (rabbiduex creek rings a bell). I know a fly that works extremely well here right under the surface and have no doubt it'll gettem. It's erratic and...well different. If you could find one in cerise or fushia I bet you'd tear the chums up on them too. Maybe texas rigged in the quicker waters to help get it down...oh the options lol.

    After all look at what they say about a pink polly wog. Lots of guys will laugh you off the rivers till they see one rise to a dry fly largemouth bass style.


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